Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Feedback from Readers: Part 1

Here are a few complaints I’ve seen from readers of Damaged and the Beast. Let’s see if I can clarify a few things.

Why does Farah cry so much?

Well, fine readers, I'm an emotional person and it seems I infuse my characters with my personality traits. If you think Farah cries over every little thing, let me list a few of the reasons I’ve cried recently:

1)   I lost my pen.

2)   I found my pen (tears of joy).

3)   My cat dissed me.

4)   I lost my pen again.

5)   I was bored.

6)   I was lonely.

7)   I found a different pen and it made me think of the pen I’d lost.

8)   I was frightened by a loud sound.

9)   My cat did something cute (tears of laughter).

10)  And finally, I was hungry which brings me to the next complaint…

Why is there so much damn eating in this book?

Again, it’s all about me and my crazy. I like food. I like to eat. I'm obsessed with those competitive cooking shows. My response to celebrating anything is, “Let’s go out to eat!” Plus, meal time is a big opportunity to talk with family and friends. So when I wanted something to happen in the book, I decided to have food around.

Why is Bailey such a bitch?

Originally, Bailey was such a bitch for a side reason I edited out. Then, she was just a bitch because I found her bitchiness entertaining. I also hoped for her to experience character growth over the first two books so readers MIGHT be interested in Bailey finding her HEA. At this rate, I might just have to off her instead. :P

Why does Cooper let Farah walk for so long before picking her up?

He’s an immature baby playing chicken and he lost.

I thought Farah wanted to be a teacher then she blows off her dreams for some sexy asshole. I call bullshit!

Calm down and nice bullshit calling, BTW. Farah does become a teacher. Her epilogue takes place a few years in the future when she’s still in college working on her degree. The epilogue for Tawny’s book will take place five years in the future and give a glimpse of Cooper and Farah. At that point, Farah will be teaching.


Why did your book have to suck and disappoint me?

That I can’t answer because we all love and hate different things. What I can do is wish your next read is a great one!

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  1. I loved this book!!! Is tawny and Aaron gonna get together? I wanna hear about Aaron!