Monday, April 22, 2013

Damaged and the Beast Happy Dance!

It's been an exciting week. I've received positive feedback from most readers. I do hope the readers who didn't enjoy my book will enjoy their next read more.

For the readers who did enjoy Damaged and the Beast, I am currently writing Damaged and the Knight. The book follows Tawny Smith, the younger sister of Farah. Though she is seventeen when the book begins, the sexy times will take place a few months later when she's legal. It will not be YA.

If readers respond well to Tawny's book, I have ideas for a book starring Bailey Johansson. My working title is Damaged and the Princess. Clearly, she's the princess and the guy is damaged. Still, tossing around thoughts on that one.

Along with writing Tawny's book, I'm working on scenes from Cooper's POV. These will be posted on my blog for fans of the first book as a thank you for their support. The romance community is filled with such wonderful, opinionated, and vibrant readers and I feel blessed to be embraced by them.

Hope everyone has a fun sexy read in their future (and a fun sexy time in real life if possible!)


  1. Have decided to stalk you as new fav author. Been in real book slump and DATB is the first book in ages to have me raving! I LOVED IT! hero was nuts OTT but it was such a loving story. fantastic first effort and I cannot wait for Tawnys story! You've got the discussion boards buzzing!

    1. CT,
      With all of that praise, you better watch out or I might be stalking you soon. :) 

      Hearing how much you enjoyed the book has really made my day. I’m also glad you’re out of your slump. Hopefully, you’ll be swimming in great reads for a while to come.

      I must say that knowing amazing readers like you actually want to read more from me has lit a fire under my ass to get Tawny’s book completed. Again, thanks for your encouraging words and bringing a smile to my face.