Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bijou Babbles: Updates and Fist Bumps

Hey, sorry for the delay since my last blog post. My son was sick again and the autumn weather has been kicking my ass. Fortunately, I’m back to writing and blogging.

Looks like Damaged and the Saint will be released mid-November, though I don't have an date set. While this will be the last official Damaged book, I'm planning to write a novella/novel for Sawyer and Jace plus I'll one day (hopefully during the holidays) finish the Cooper POV novelette.

The Sawyer/Jace project will be one of a standalone romances I'll write in 2015. I have a couple others planned along with starting a few series. One new series will be a spin-off from Little Memphis MC. I had initially planned to make LMMC series only two books that followed the Reed brothers. When the first book was so well received, I decided I might use my idea for a third book. Then reality hit!

The third book is darker than the first two. Though the characters I had in mind are introduced in LMMC, they don’t fit the humor of the brothers. Not that they won’t have their lighter moments. Being a smartass is sort of my thing.

Bad Men Rising will be the first series I write in 2015 then the spin-off of Little Memphis (series name unknown). I’m also considering a Damaged spin-off following Saint and Harlow’s new business venture. I'll explain more about that once the book is out.

Juggling a lot of ideas, I'll need to see which ones feel the meatiest. I've had one idea for a standalone book that’s changed many times since it first popped into my head. Some stories remain vague for a long. Others though hit me fast and furious, needing to be written that very minute.

Next week, I'll post a Saint cover and blurb reveal plus another giveaway for Halloween. I also realized I have way too many paperbacks in my house, making it impossible for a messy person like me to get organized. I’ll need to do lots of signed paperback giveaways to help clear out my clutter. :) 

Until then, happy reading!