About Me

I'm a romance author of Contemporary, Rom-Com and Suspense. Living in Indiana with my three sweet sons, three wacky cats, one super mom (and her ugly dog), I love 1970s rock, Call of Duty, Red Letter Media, and sitcoms canceled before their time.

▷▶▷ Rawlins Heretics MC series
▶ Rusty Cage (Oz/Ginger)
▶ Devil's Ruin (Blackjack/Yarrow)
▶ Bear Trap (Glitch/Clove) ▷▶▷ NOW LIVE!
▷▶▷White Horse series
▶ Junkyard Dog (Hayes/Candy)
▶ Bitch Slap (Poet/Cricket)
▶ Booze O'clock (Chipper/Tatum)▷▶▷✬Coming April '18✬
▷▶▷ Serrated Brotherhood MC series
▶ Bourbon Blues (Camden/Daisy)
▶ Whiskey Blues (Bonn/Ruby)
▶ Tequila Blues (Dayton/Harmony)
▷▶▷ Rawkfist MC series
▶ Black Sheep (Court/Justice)
▶ Snake Charmer (Donovan/Journey)
▶ Train Wreck (Emmett/Poppy)
▷▶▷ Damaged series
▶ Beast (Cooper/Farah) ▷▷▷audio book available
▶ Knight (Judd/Tawny)
▶ Cobra (Aaron/Lark)
▶ Outlaw (Vaughn/Raven)
▶ Dragon (Nick/Bailey)
▶ Bulldog (Dylan/Winnie)
▶ Saint (Rafael/Harlow)
▶ In the Wind (Jace/Sawyer)
▶ Sunday Morning (Kirk/Jodi)
▶ Right Amount of Wrong (Gunnar/Vidalia)
▷▶▷ Ramsey Security series
▶ Thunderstruck (Troy/Darla)
▶ Live Wire (Brad/Saskia)
▶ High Voltage (Dino/Minka)
▷▷▷Box Set Available
▷▶▷ Little Memphis MC series
▶ Little Memphis (Ford/Shay)
▶ Broken Memphis (Pax/Bebe)
▷▷▷ Box Set & Audio Books Available
▷▶▷Standalone Contemporary
▶ Rich S.O.B. (Asher/Junie)
▶ Gator (Jake/Mia)
▶ Used (Bo/Sydney)
▶ Rebound Biker (Winston/Meredith) ▷▷▷audio book available
Other pen names
Ily Jacks ▷▷ m/m romance
Tatiana Xavi ▷▷ paranormal/horror
Dakota Shepherd ▷▷ Christian fantasy

I love interacting with readers. Contact me here:
▶ Website: bijouhunterbooks.com
▶ Facebook: facebook.com/AuthorBijouHunter
▶ Twitter: @BijouBooks
▶ Email: bijouhunterbooks@gmail.com

Happy reading!!!


  1. Will your ebook for damaged and dragon be available on b&n for may 20th thanks!

    1. Casey,

      Dragon will be on B&N on the 20th.

      Thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. I love your writing! I am a huge fan. I am a female farmer in the upper Midwest and thank goodness for satellite guidance systems (autosteer) so I can read your books when I am on the tractor!! All I want in life is for you to write the story of Colbie and Lawman. Please girl!

    1. How do I say no to such a request? :)

      When I'm writing Colbie and Lawman's story, I'll think of you reading on your tractor.


  3. Omg! You are the shit! Your books are perfectly written even with a few typos. Please continue with your genius.