Sunday, May 12, 2013

Indie Angie Interviews Bijou Hunter...No Really

***Interview originally posted on the Indie Angie blog.***

Bijou Hunter is a brand new indie author. I should know since I created her a few months ago. Her first novel is the New Adult romance titled Damaged and the Beast. Let’s get to know more about her and why she exists.

Indie Angie: Why romance?

Bijou: Why not? Stop being such an elitist, Ang.

Anyway, I had written books heavy on romance including Ain’t No Angel which is somewhere between PNR and UF. When I was writing Blue Sacrifice, the plot was pretty romance heavy and I wondered if I could create a contemporary romance. No paranormal elements at all, just boy meets girl with a HEA. I’d been trying to push myself as a writer in the last year so I wanted to take a stab at a straight romance. No hiding behind vampires, zombies, or angels.

Indie Angie: Why New Adult?

Bijou: Most of my books feature MCs who fall into the age range of New Adult, but I just considered them adult. I know many people don’t even view New Adult as a real romance subgenre, but those two words have an appeal these days. Yeah, I sold out.

I do think the age range that falls within the New Adult designation is an exciting time in a person’s life. We change a lot during those years, allowing for angst that would seem stupid for thirty year olds.

Indie Angie: Why the pen name?

Bijou: When I find an author I like, I run out and buy more of their books. I don’t think the audiences for my two writing names would mesh well though. Damaged and the Beast is so different from what I normally write and I worried readers who loved the book might think my Angela books would be similar. Same with readers of the Angela books not necessarily jiving with the Bijou stuff.

Indie Angie: Cooper isn’t your normal kind of love interest. Did you sell out again?

Bijou: Sell out or stretch myself? Probably both. For my paranormal books, I rarely write the OTT alpha. I think only one guy could fall into that category and he had supernatural reasons for being a jerk. I wanted to see if I could write the bad boy/manslut that I usually avoid and make him likable. Did I manage it? Some readers would say, “Hell yeah!” Others likely think, “File a restraining order on that asshole!”

Indie Angie: So are you a romance slut now?

Bijou: I honestly didn’t know if I would write more romance. I did hope to write a second Damaged book, but even that was in the air when I published the first one. Having received positive feedback, I started writing the second book following Farah’s sister. I’m also working on new ideas for more romance books and series.

Indie Angie: I thought you loved paranormal. How cold are you to just leave it behind?

Bijou: Back off, Ang! You're not the boss of me!

Besides, I’m still a paranormal junkie and intend to finish the Blue Davison’s series as soon as the second Damaged book is complete. I’ll also finish my other paranormal series.

In the end, what I write long term will depend on the ideas I have and the feedback I get. Thinking as a professional author, rather than a hobby writer, means I can't write books simply for my pleasure. Yet, I do have a few paranormal ideas I’m dying to write even if no one ever buys them. For now, I’m leaving myself open to wherever my creativity takes me.

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