Friday, December 27, 2013

Bijou Babbles: Bikers-Babes & Books

I'm attending my first book signing on January 11 in Houston, TX. If you're interested in knowing more, check out this page. Also, TrinDee's FB page where they're posting cool info on all the authors. So far, they shared fun facts about Belle Whittington and me!!!
As part of the promotion, I'll give away signed paperbacks for the four Damaged books. I'll have more info on the giveaways soon. Until then, I wanted to share the fun facts also on the TrinDee FB page.

1) How did you choose their names?
I chose the name Cooper for the hero in Damaged and the Beast because I wanted Farah to be able to call him something silly. He ended up being Coop the Poop. I named his brother Tucker for obviously reasons. Without realizing it, I set up for the hero in Damaged and the Knight to be Judd the Stud.
2) Favorite scene to write and scene that made me blush.
My favorite scene in Damaged and the Beast was also the one that made me blush. It was the first sex scene I wrote for them (since I wrote the book out of order). It’s also where Farah lets loose a bit. She ends up giving Cooper butt hickeys and he gives her a little oral gift too.
3) Scene that made me cry.
In Damaged and the Knight, the sisters talk about a traumatic experience from their pasts. The way they confront the pain and share their guilt broke my heart. By the end of the scene, I felt they were both stronger people.
4) My favorite characters to write.
I’d say my favorite were Vaughn and Raven from Damaged and the Outlaw. They share a sarcastic humor and their banter often made me laugh while writing.
5) Words I Use Too Much.
Horny was used a lot in Damaged and the Beast. Cooper is one easily aroused guy and often joked about needing sweatpants.
6) The importance of epilogues.
When I wrote Damaged and the Beast, I wasn’t sure I would write another romance. Who knew if anyone would read the book, let alone like it? So I wrote an epilogue to give a sense of closure, in case it was the end of the story.
I learned later how much romance readers love epilogues. Now, I dream up my epilogues early in the planning stage. I give glimpses of characters from the prior books too. So far, the epilogues have taken place one year out (Beast), five years (Knight), one and three (dual pov in Cobra), and seven years (Outlaw).
7) Dual POV
I wrote Damaged and the Beast and Damaged and the Knight solely from the chick’s point of view. After a lot of readers asked about Cooper and Judd, I realized I should add the guy’s pov to my future books. This is why Cobra and Outlaw include dual pov.
8) Going too far with bitchy Bailey.
Cooper’s younger sister, Bailey Johansson, was HATED by readers after Damaged and the Beast. I had originally planned for the third book to be about her, but readers wanted her dead rather than finding a HEA. Over the next few books, I worked to redeem Bailey in the eyes of readers. Now, most anxiously await her upcoming book, Damaged and the Dragon.
9) Aaron's HEA
I never intended to give Aaron Barnes his own HEA. After Damaged and the Beast was published, readers wondered who would be Tawny’s hero in Knight. Some wanted Aaron and I decided to write Damaged and the Cobra.
10) TV Inspiration
I find ideas for the tattoos in my books from watching the shows Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Masters. In fact, Aaron was modeled after Tommy from the former and a guest judge from the latter.
I'll be back later in the week with info on those signed paperback giveaways.