Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blue Colla Make Ya Holla is LIVE!


 Available March 1st - March 31st

Hot Summer Nights by Laramie Briscoe (Dirt Track Racer) Wayne Harper is a good ole boy who wants to drive fast and turn left. At twenty-one he's not looking for forever, but he'd sure love to have a good time with the town's good girl, Clementine Lewis. When you live in a small town, rumors fly, everyone's in your business, and no one can deny those hot summer nights.

Rough Patch: A Heaven Hill Novella by Laramie Briscoe (MC Mechanic) Jagger Stone and Bianca Hawks have it all. Or do they? When Jagger starts working secretive nights, B has a lot of questions, with few answers. Love isn't easy and it's even harder when you hit that rough patch.

Heath by Chelsea Camaron (Mechanic) Life for Heath 'Hitman' Thomas is all about tripping pipes and winning fights. That is until LoraLeigh is left at his doorstep as his payment for a side bet in a fight. She's broken and he's in to fight for her heart.

Twist by Carian Cole (Custom Bike Mechanic) I fell in love with him long before I could tie my shoes. And now here he stands in front of me, nearly a decade after we were ripped apart by my father. Twist. My First friend. My first love. My first heartache.

Nobody But You by Seraphina Donavan (Tattoo Artist) Boone Caldwell has loved Caroline Matthews since he was a kid. The only problem is, she still sees him as one... until circumstances throw them together and Caroline is forced to admit that not only is Boone a man, he's the man she wants.

Never to Hope by Aimie Grey (Road Crew Worker) Alissa Ross has always known that happiness is out of her reach; however, her new neighbor, Carter Smith, has other ideas. Will she stumble upon her happy ending, or should she accept it is better never to hope?

Rebound Biker by Bijou Hunter (Construction Worker) Looking for a sexy rebound after her divorce from the dullest man on earth, Meredith baits her former high school sweetheart Winston into being the one. The sex might be hot, yet he has bigger plans than a wham bam thank you ma'am reunion.

Rescuing the Bridesmaid by Stella Hunter (Tow Truck Driver) An accidental meeting between tow truck driver Nate Whitmore and nurse Joanne Johnson blossoms into something more as Joanne deals with maid-of-honor duties for her friend’s weekend wedding and a cheating ex-fiance.

Unhinged by Cat Mason (Construction Worker) With his ripped clothes and Harley, Adam is the opposite of everything Ainsley should want. Four years later, her broken heart still can’t see anything else. Adam despises the country club set, including Ainsley’s father, and the way they use money to make their problems go away. What will happen when they collide and those still simmering fires ignite?

Defending Her Turf by Christina Tomes (Landscaper) After Anna Mara sees sexy landscaper Kyle Wilson hard at work, she makes plans to have him be hers. Will a run-in with Kyle's ex-girlfriend ruin any chance for a future between them? Or will Anna have to defend her turf?

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bijou Babbles: Release Updates!

I know I've been pretty quiet the last few months, but I haven't been on vacation. With my son's health improving, I've been able to focus more. First, I finished Rebound Biker for the upcoming Blue Colla Make Ya Holla box set. Now, I'm working on Broken Memphis with Pax and Bebe.

The box set will be released on March 1st. While I don't have a specific publishing date for Broken Memphis, I'm aiming for late March/early April.

If you're interested in joining the Blue Colla Make Ya Holla release party on Facebook, here's the link. I'm also taking part in the release party for Carian Cole's upcoming romance Vandal. Here's a link to the Facebook party on Feb. 27.

I'll finish up with teasers for each of the sexy blue collar stories in the box set. Happy reading!










Friday, January 9, 2015

Bijou Babbles: What's Next?

2015 is here and I have big plans! Let's just hope life cooperates. ;)

The final Damaged book is finally out. While I'm sad to say goodbye to Ellsberg, we'll see the crew again in Sawyer and Jace's book. I'm planning a summer release for In the Wind.

I'm currently writing a fun romance for the Blue Colla Make Ya Holla box set. Rebound Biker is a second chance romance about high school lovers who meet again a dozen years later. The box set is scheduled for release in March. I'm thrilled to contribute to an anthology with such amazing authors.

After Rebound BikerBroken Memphis is up to bat. Pax and Bebe's story will be the last of the Little Memphis MC series.

Finally, I'll begin two new series. Ramsey Security with Troy and Minka working with Saint. Plus, Devil's Hollow MC with Dutch, Shadow, and Cowboy.

I'll keep everyone informed as publishing dates get closer. Until then, happy reading!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Damaged and the Saint is Finally LIVE!

The final book of the Damaged series is finally live! Saint and Harlow find their HEA, old friends enjoy new adventures, and we get sneak peeks of future series as new characters arrive in Ellsberg.

I have plans for a Saint spin-off next year where a few of his badass friends find love. Plus Sawyer and Jace jump ahead more than a decade to have fun of their own.

Until then, I hope everyone enjoys Saint and the New Year!!!

Saint is available at AmazonB&NKoboScribd, and Smashwords.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bijou Babbles: Saint, Gator, and the Holidays

For months, I've been asked when Damaged and the Saint would be published. I hoped for late October (ha!). Then it was Thanksgiving (I wish!). Next was mid-December (that would be right now!). I finally promised the book would be published in December.

Well December 30 is the official date, so I've kept my promise. I know this book has taken me forever. Yet my son is finally getting the help he needs, so hopefully I can focus more in 2015.

My first project next year is the standalone novella for a multi-author box set. As soon as Rebound Biker is complete, I’ll start Broken Memphis. I’d love to have it published by early March.

Amazon has finally approved Gator’s sexy new cover. Since it took so long though, I've decided to keep the sale going through the weekend.

Also, my last giveaway of the year ends on the 17th, so be sure to enter.

Finally, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season. I'm so thankful to you all for your support this year. You’ll never know how much it has meant to me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coming Attractions: Sawyer/Jace Edition

Last week during a blog party for Kathryn Kelly's new release, I posted info about Sawyer Johansson's standalone novel. I wanted to share it with everyone who might have missed it.

A dozen years in the future, Sawyer mourns the loss of her father. To cope with the grief, she ditches Ellsberg and looks for trouble on the road. Big brother Cooper sends his enforcer Jace to track her down.

Sawyer and Jace started as friends before becoming something more. Jace was her first and only love, but he pushed her away. Now Sawyer’s running wild and Jace’s job is to bring her home. Despite their past together, she doesn't plan to make things easy for him.

“In the Wind” will take place mostly out of town, yet we’ll be able to catch up with the Damaged couples and their families. I hope to publish the book in the summer of 2015.