Friday, January 17, 2014

Bijou Babbles: Hell Yeah, Houston!

The Bikers - Babes & Books signing was amazing. Thanks to all the readers who came out for the fun. I was blessed enough to sit next to the super cool, and hella funny, author Laramie Briscoe. Stephanie Garza (author of Love Came Back) stopped by too.

On the way to Houston, I stopped in a place dubbed "Little Memphis." Since I do a lot of great brainstorming while driving, I imagined an idea for a new two book series. Hot bikers, damaged girls, and redneck drama, but this time in Arkansas. The first book, Little Memphis, will be out some time before summer. Nice and vague, huh? At least I added a little eye candy for your enjoyment.

Back in chilly Indy, I am focused on Damaged and the Dragon. It's always tricky to write a book with characters everyone already knows. Plus, Bailey has on occasion caused readers to pull their guns and go bitchy blonde chick hunting. I'll have to walk a tightrope to ensure Bailey stays on her best behavior. Nick is even trickier. He was the nice guy with no shot compared to Cooper. Now, he's the stud wooing the rich girl. Eek, I'm psyching myself out!

I hope to have Dragon out by March. Also, I'm ninety percent sure I'll write a novella about Dylan and Winona. I feel like it'd be too much of a tease at this point to have the characters go without their HEA.

As Dragon's publication nears, I'll keep everyone informed about which awesome blogs are hosting the signed paperback giveaways.

Happy reading!!!


  1. Yay! Love to hear all your news. Can't wait to read all these books...especially Dylan.

  2. Yay! Can't wait to read these :)

  3. Im soooo excited!!!!! I think my heart may burst!!!!

    1. Ashley, your excitement has me grinning in public. People think I'm nuts now. :P