Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bijou Babbles: What's Next?

Saying goodbye to the Ramsey Security series was difficult, but I’m already working on my new projects. If you’ve read High Voltage, you know Angus Hayes. The potty-mouthed giant is getting his own book titled Junkyard Dog. His newest assistant knows how to handle assholes. Rather than finding him impossible, Candy falls hard for the big jerk.

Junkyard Dog should be released in early spring.

I’m also working on a new MC series. The first book is titled Black Sheep. Sisters Justice and Journey return to their hometown where their dad is part of an MC. Courtland is another member of the club and he takes an instant liking to the sassy younger sister.

Black Sheep is scheduled for release in early March.

My other current project is a short story for an MC-themed anthology connected to the OAMC signing I’m attending in June. Sunday Morning is the romance between Kirk Johansson and Jodi Sears. Cooper’s parents finally share how they met and fell in love. I'm unsure on the exact release date for the anthology.

In High Voltage, readers were reacquainted (briefly) with the Rutgers twins. Camden and Dayton were first introduced in Damaged and the Saint. The brothers’ series, Serrated Brotherhood, will likely be released in the second half of 2016.

Finally, I’d like to say goodbye to the Ramsey Security series with a paperback giveaway! Win all three books by signing up below.
Happy reading!!!

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  1. The Sound of Silence is my favorite song. Thank you for the chance to win these books, it would be awesome to have them!