Monday, September 9, 2013

Bijou Babbles...Where is Cobra?

Hello, lovelies! September is here and Cobra is on its way. I promise. No really...

My goal was to finish up my pen name books in August then focus on Cobra and Outlaw. I'm currently writing Cobra and hope to have it to my first set of beta readers (Mustang Sally and Candy Girl) by next week. Once they give me the news (good or bad), I'll fix the problems and send the revision to the next set of beta readers. While all those betas are reading, I'll be writing Outlaw.

I hope to have the cover ready by next week and ideally the blurb too. I'm still unsure if Cobra will be novella or novel length since the story hasn't finished playing out. I'll let everyone know once the book is in the editing phase.

So if everything goes as planned (never happens), Cobra will be out by Oct. 1st or so because I prefer to publish on Tuesdays or Wednesday. Outlaw is schedule for release around Halloween. Bailey's book will be around Christmas. That's the plan anyway.

Thanks to everyone for your patience while I worked on books for my pen names. Now, it's all about Ellsberg!

Here's hoping everyone starts off their autumn with lots of sexy great books! Happy reading!!!

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