Monday, September 30, 2013

Damaged and the Cobra is HERE!

Amazon was fast this time around! When I uploaded Damaged and the Knight, Amazon took over twenty four hours to add the book to their site. This time after less than eight hours, Damaged and the Cobra is already available! ***It's also available at Smashwords and will be on Nook and in paperback by tomorrow.

The word count for Cobra topped out at just over fifty thousand which is technically novel length. Yet, I'm calling it a novella and pricing it less. The book is lighter in tone, mainly because Aaron and Lark are less damaged than the couples who've come before them and those up to bat next. For the first time, a Damaged book is in both POV. I plan to continue this technique for the rest of the series.

In fact, I'm already working on Damaged and the Outlaw with Vaughn and Raven. They are definitely not a sweet couple and I'm having fun with their rough humor and personalities. Their book is due around Halloween.

La La blog readers likely know my youngest son is turning ten this week. To celebrate his birthday, I have made my Angela Horn penned paranormal romance Ain't No Angel free on Oct. 1, 2, and 3. I've also reduced the price of the sequel Ain't No Queen to 1.99.

Finally, I want to congratulate one of my readers who published her first novel this month. Stephanie Nicole Garza has written a second chance romance titled Love Came Back. She recently reduced the price to 1.99 on Amazon. Stephanie plans to have the next book ready in early 2014.

Thanks to all of my readers who not only support me in the best ways, but also light a fire under my lazy ass and keep me focused. Happy reading!!!

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