Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bijou Babbling: I swear I'm usually punctual!

I believe authors should improve with every book they write. Sometimes, the learning process slows down the writing process though. This was the case with Damaged and the Knight. Many of my original ideas were tweaked after feedback from readers. I also found myself going in different directions while writing the book. As a result, I won’t make the June 30 publishing date.

Right now, it looks like it’ll take an extra week or two before Knight can be released. The book has been through one beta read and will go through a few more before I feel comfortable publishing.

Damaged and the Beast was my first romance novel and I learned a lot while writing it. I learned just as much from how readers reacted to it, both good and bad. The first book fell more comfortably in the New Adult category, but Knight likely won’t because of the age of the H. So as an author, I’m still learning and adjusting to what readers want and where my creativity takes me.

I hope to have the cover and first chapter for Damaged and the Knight ready by this weekend. I'll post them on my blog to give readers a taste of where the series is heading. As soon as the book is complete, I will get it out and start plotting the third one. Thanks for your patience and happy reading!

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