Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bijou Babbling: Damaged and the Knight

I want to once again thank all of the readers who enjoyed Damaged and the Beast and continue to spread the word about the book. I also wanted to give everyone a few updates.

Release Date for Damaged and the Knight

I hope to make my June release date, but it’s looking like late June. Using feedback from readers, I’ve tweaked a few things. While I really think those changes have improved the overall story, they've slowed me down.
Obviously, I want to make the projected release date of June, but I can’t expect readers to pay money for a shoddy product. If the book isn't properly edited and proofed in time, I’ll have to push back the release date.

Who is Tawny’s HEA?

The knight in Damaged and the Knight is Judd O’Keefe. An enforcer for the Johansson family business, he is a trusted part of Cooper’s inner circle. The motorcycle club and its activities will be addressed more in books two and three as Cooper takes over for Kirk.

The first chapter of Damaged and the Knight will be posted on the blog before publication to give readers a glimpse of the new guy. Judd wasn’t even named in the first Damaged book, but he quickly makes an impression on Tawny. Hopefully, readers will like what they see too.

Who are the H and h in Damaged and the Outlaw?

The third book had initially been planned as Bailey’s book, but readers just never warmed to her. With this in mind, I put on my writer’s cap and decided to expand outside the characters from book one.

In Damaged and the Knight, we'll meet Vaughn (Outlaw). He’s a friend of Judd’s and one of Cooper’s top guys. He’s a cold blooded killer and a dead man walking, but things get more complicated when he meets his girl.
Raven, the h in Outlaw, won’t be in Knight. Her sister Larken is introduced though as a friend of Tawny's.

What about Bailey? Also, will Aaron meet a girl?

I plan to have background stories in both Knight and Outlaw. We’ll see Cooper and Farah planning their wedding in book two. In Knight, we’ll also meet Aaron’s HEA while Bailey falls for the guy who refused to back down to her brother. While they won’t be center stage, the other couples will get a chance to create their own HEAs. We’ll continue to see their relationships in the background in Outlaw.

Will we learn what happened to Amy Jones - the bitch mom of Farah and Tawny?

Yes, plus the dad situation is cleared up by the end of Damaged and the Knight.

Along with finishing Tawny's story, I am working on another Cooper POV. I guess, I better get back to writing then. Thanks again for your support and happy reading!!!


  1. Are you planning on releasing Damaged and the Knight soon?

    1. I'm hoping by next week to have Damaged and the Knight published. Just a tiny bit later than I intended. :)