Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bijou Babbles: Upcoming June Release!

Hey, everyone! I wanted to write up a quickie post about my next release. Thanks to everyone who bought, read, shared, and reviewed Bourbon Blues. Starting a new series is always a little stressful, so I'm incredibly appreciative for the great feedback. My goal is to publish Whiskey Blues with Bonn and Ruby in late July!

Before heading back to Hickory Creek Township, I have the first book in a new series coming out this month. Last October, while traveling through West Virginia on my way to a signing, I came up with the idea for Black Sheep. I wrote a bit of the book last fall but then put it aside. Flash forward to this spring and I'm adding the finishing touches on the first book in my new Rawkfist MC series. Here's a quick summary of the story along with its cover!

Black Sheep - Coming: June 30, 2016
My club brothers call me Boy Scout. Hell, if I ain’t an enforcer with a heart of gold. I avoid women, knowing they’re trouble, and I don’t take chances anymore. My hands stay clean when they’re not covered in blood for the club. My life is downright dull until I meet Justice Sheerer and realize I haven’t been really living.

The bubbly blonde has a motor mouth and confidence to spare. As the daughter of my mentor, she should be off limits in Tumbling Rock. Except Justice refuses to follow the town’s rules, and now I'm breaking them too.

No more Mister Nice Guy. Justice is mine for the taking and no one will stand in my way. Not even the guy in the mirror.
Finally, I'm gearing up for the upcoming Deliciously Dirty in Dallas signing on August 27. If you're attending and would like to reserve paperbacks from me, here's the sign-up sheet.

Happy reading!

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