Monday, November 24, 2014

Bijou's Playlist

These are my go-to songs when writing. Later in the week, I'll post specific songs that inspired certain characters and scenes.

  • Make Believe ~ Joan Jett
  • Black + Blue ~ Christina Perri
  • Hey Brother ~ Avicii
  • All American Girl ~ Melissa Etheridge
  • Violet ~ Hole
  • Berzerk ~ Eminem
  • Tuesday’s Gone ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • White Horse ~ Taylor Swift
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas ~ Nina Simone


  1. No word on release date for Damaged and the Saint? I'm planning to reread series a heads up! Seriously, I love your books!!!

    1. Thanks, Anon! I'm still working on Saint. My son's health issues have slowed me down, but I plan to release the book in December. I promise I'll know a specific date soon. :)

  2. Hope your son is better Bijou! LOVE your Damaged series!!!