Monday, August 25, 2014

Bijou Babbles: August Blues

August is a weird month. Just saying...

Little Memphis is getting a new release date. Between family health issues and the book being longer than the last few Damaged novels, I need more time to fine tune it.

I've been dying to write Little Memphis since January when I stopped in Blytheville, AR. I was driving to TX for a book signing and brought along my two assistants/sons Jack and Luca. If you remember back in Jan, a massive snowstorm hit the Midwest, so we took most of the day to get through Illinois. By the time we arrived in Blytheville, it was dark and we were cranky.

The hotel was nice and the girl at the front desk was nicer. As we began dragging our suitcases inside, a nice couple asked if we'd been to town before. When they learned we hadn't, the woman warned us to be careful since Blytheville was called Little Memphis.

As you can imagine being a single woman with two boys on the road, I wasn't thrilled to find out we stopped in a scary place. The reality was we were gone by the morning, never had a single problem, everyone we met was sweet as sugar, and we chose to stop there on the way home a week later. Yet the idea of Little Memphis stuck with me.

The Little Memphis series  will focus more on the MC along with Ford and Pax's jobs as enforcers. In the novels, Little Memphis isn't a safe place to live even for those protected by the club. Yet Shay finds friends and her fantasy man in this violent world.

Soon I'll post excerpts from the book, a cover reveal, and blurb. I also have lots of fun giveaways planned for September. Until then, happy reading!


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