Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bijou Babbles: The Countdown Begins...

As much as I had hoped to publish Damaged and the Outlaw around Halloween, I'm actually relieved to have the extra time. The publishing date is November 26th. I'll upload Outlaw the day before because Amazon can sometimes take longer than twelve hours to publish. I learned that the hard way with Knight. Better early than late, right?
I want to thank Hear This ~ Read That for doing the cover reveal yesterday. If you haven't checked out the blog, please do. Tons of cool romance books and lots of giveaways!
I've gotten a few questions on the blog and FB that I want to answer. Sometimes, the questions throw me for a loop and I'm unsure how to respond. My readers are a creative bunch. :)
Will Dylan get his book?
I'm definitely leaning that direction. Dylan and his heroine are in Outlaw, so I'll just wait to see how readers feel about the possible couple.
Would you write a book about Kirk and Jodi?
I had never considered this idea. If I had, I likely would have made Jodi older. Amazon is cracking down on erotica and romance (along with other genre books) with no-go topics. A sixteen year old with a forty year old man would likely get the red flag from Amazon. I do think it would be an interesting story though.
Will you write a story about Tucker and Maddy meeting?
Likely not because so much of their relationship has been played out, so it would be difficult to make their story fresh for readers.
When will Damaged and the Dragon be published?
Outlaw is the last Damaged book of 2013. I will spend the rest of the year working on books for my other pen names. In Jan (possibly sooner), I'll start Bailey's book. Ideally, it will be published in late Feb/early March. Damaged and the Saint's publishing date will depend on if I write a book for Dylan.
Next year, I'll also start my second series, Lush Gardens. The first book is Bourbon Blues and I have no idea when it will be released. Plus, I plan to branch out in romance. I've reduced the planned 2014 books for my other current pen names, so I can focus on romance. I find it more challenging than other genres and I enjoy pushing myself.
In a few days, I'll post an excerpt from Outlaw. I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks of the book. I loved writing Raven and Vaughn. Those smartasses had me in stitches.
Finally, I'm super psyched to have been invited to participate in the Bikers-Babes & Books signing in Houston. The opportunity to join so many great authors was something I couldn't pass up. I'm nervous as hell, but excited too.

Stay sweet and happy reading!


  1. So excited!!!!! I am hoping that for some reason you release this earlier than the 26th. I can't wait ti read this book. shelly

  2. Omg I am so excited. I am hoping for some reason you get finished with editing early and decide to release it early maybe this week. Hahaha that would be sweet!
    I can hardly wait. Shelly