Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bijou Babbles: Outlaw, Dylan, and other updates

Let's start with the bad news. Unfortunately, Damaged and the Outlaw won’t be published by Halloween. It’s definitely looking more like near Thanksgiving. There are two reasons why it’s taking so long.

One is that I’ve been off and on sickie because of the autumn weather. Hot, cold, and hot again has caused me endless sinus headaches and I don’t write well when feeling like crap. It’s finally just cold and I’m consistently working again.
The main reason for the delay is that Outlaw is a more complicated book than the others. I have the couple with their drama, the background characters living their lives, introducing Harlow and her family, and finally tying up the Devils vs. Reaper situation. By the end of Outlaw, life will be very different for Vaughn. We’ll even learn a little about Saint who is the H in the final book with Harlow.
So with Outlaw looking like a late November release, the other Damaged books won’t be ready until 2014. Bailey and Nick’s book will be next. I’m considering a book for Dylan, but it’s still up in the air. If it happens, it’ll be between Dragon and Saint.
I should also warn Bijou readers that my other pen names need love in early 2014. I’m behind on several series I hope to finish next year. So while I might seem slow, I’m not slacking off. Well, maybe a little bit, but not as much as it appears.
In the upcoming weeks, I’ll post more Outlaw quotes, a cover and blurb, and the first chapters. I'll likely know a more definitive release date in a week or two. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your Halloween!!!


  1. Oo, exciting news! Can't wait for Outlaw...and if it comes out around Thanksgiving then I'll have the perfect activity for recovering from turkey-induced laziness. Hope Dylan gets a book...but I know you have lots of other projects going on. Love the Damaged series!

  2. Totally excited for the next installment.....I do have a question though regarding Coop's parents....Is there a possible book about them? I find the fact that his mother at 16 years of age, fell in love with this BadAss Alpha Male 'Bachelor' who was 42 before he found the love of his life and settled down...There has got to be an Awesome and Juicy story to how they met....loved and finally settled into married bliss......

    I'm so hoping there'll be story about those two....