Monday, August 12, 2013

Bijou Babbles 8.12.13

It's been a few weeks since I last babbled, but I'm back. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer by staying cool and reading lots of hot books. ***Unless you live on the other side of the world. Then, I hope you're keeping warm by reading hot books.

I've received questions from readers, so I'm doing the Q&A thingamajig again.

Are you done with your damn pen name books yet? Where is the next Damaged book?

I love when you get feisty!

I'm on the final edits of the second Vivi Rios book. This means, I'm writing again. Since Vivi took longer than I planned (the girl demands attention), I'm buddy writing.

What the hell is buddy writing?

I'm working on more than one book at a time. Damaged and the Cobra plus a young adult book and a new romance series I'm publishing under a different pen name. The young adult book has saucy stuff too, so I'm enjoying quite the naughty buddy write this time around.

Do you still plan to make Damaged and the Cobra a novella?

Just depends. I'm trying something new with Cobra and that's a dual POV. We'll be in the heads of Lark and Aaron. I'm a little nervous about trying this because I've never written dual POV in first person. Vivi is dual POV, third person. I'm excited to try it though because readers often wished they could know more about Coop and Judd.  I hope everyone likes how it turns out.

Unsure if having the two POVs will help lengthen the book without making it feel dragged out. I'll just have to wait and see what everyone thinks.

Why a different pen name for a different romance series? Do you just like making things more complicated?

Complicated is cool, right? The series I'll be writing under the name Carys Marie is much lighter than the Damaged series. I don't know if readers who enjoy the Bijou books will enjoy the Carys books. Basically, using the pen name is my way of giving readers a warning that it's different. I also like creating a million blogs for each pen name, so there's that. :)

Where are the Coop POV scenes? Stop teasing, B.

I'm working on those this week as I get back into writing. I hope to have a few posted this month.

Can we chat you up?

Hell yeah! Chat away at

Hopefully, this quick Q&A let everyone know where I'm at with writing. I'm really excited to get back to Ellsberg!

Stay cool and happy reading!


  1. I'm seating here reminiscing about the first two books and I cannot wait for damage and cobra.......

    1. Thanks, Shanda! I'm furiously at work writing Cobra. Aaron is a real sweetie and I'm loving how he's turning out. I hope you'll like him too. Have a great day and happy reading! :)