Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Damaged and the Knight is here!

Only nine days late, but Damaged and the Knight is available.

I want to thank my beta readers (Miranda, TinaNicole, Mean Mommy, and She Who Shall Remain Nameless (catchy, huh?) for their help with readying the book for publication.

As I’ve written buttloads of times, Damaged and the Beast was my first romance. I admit I might have gone a tad overboard in some aspects. I can be an OTT chick, so I went all out with the crazy. This time around, I toned down a little of the whac-A-mole vibes. Besides, no guy could be another Cooper.

Judd is an angsty dude with damage of his own. Tawny is one f’ed up chick, but her knight loves her flaws and all. His angel helps him see a future beyond simply existing. In many ways, this book is darker than the first. More details about the painful event that shaped Farah and Tawny. There’s closure to the darkness haunting them. I also hope the epilogue taking place five years in the future will give readers a sense of the HEA for both couples.

I am now planning to write a novella for Aaron and Lark titled Damaged and the Cobra. Their story will likely be sweeter because of their personalities. The novella will be released prior to Damaged and the Outlaw and lead into Raven’s return to Ellsberg. ***The Lark and Raven shout outs will make more sense after you’ve read Damaged and the Knight.

As some of you know, I write under several pen names. For the next month or so, I’m planning to focus on books for my fantasy series. Then, I’ll write Cobra and Outlaw. As such, the release dates will likely be late summer/early autumn.

Once again, I want to thank the readers who gave such wonderful feedback (positive and negative) over the last few months. You all really helped me improve as an author. I hope everyone enjoys Damaged and the Knight. Happy reading!!!


  1. Are you going to write about Bailey..

    1. I hadn't been sure if I would write about Bailey because she was universally hated after the first book. With readers warming up to her in Knight, I do think I'll write a novella where Bailey gets her HEA. It'll be released after Damaged and the Cobra and Damaged and the Outlaw. So probably near Christmas. Thanks for asking and happy reading!

  2. Dear Bijou,
    I absolutley adored Tawny's story and I can't wait to read Damaged and the Cobra! I do have an odd question though, how old is Judd?

    1. I'm thrilled you loved the book!

      That's not an odd question at all. I never really say, just that he's a decade older than Tawny. Judd is 27. Thanks for your comment and happy reading! :)